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Frequently Asked Questions

For General Inquiries

Email us at

What is the Warranty?

All products sold on our site come with a 2-year limited warranty from the date of purchase (proof of purchase is necessary). Contact our Customer Service team via email at Our Customer Service team is here Monday-Friday, 8AM - 6PM MST to help make sure you are ready to travel fit!

Can I Cancel My Order?

We will do our best to cancel your order if you have not yet received tracking information. However, cancellations are not guaranteed once they are packaged and ready to go.

How Do I Check on My Order?

Login into your account, or email us at

How Do I Clean my Gallon Gear Jug?

Our jugs are really easy to clean. We only recommend putting water in our jugs to prevent bacteria build up and smell. The best way to clean your gallon jug is with our bottle cleaning tablets we offer. You can also use soap and water. Shake and rinse. Our GallonGear Bottle brushes work great too. You can put our jugs in the dishwasher just not on too high of a heat. Air drying is best.

How Do I Clean my Gallon Gear Sleeve?

There are multiple ways to clean your Gallon Gear sleeve. You can spot clean it with either soap and hot water, or shout and a wet rag, then hang/air dry. You can also put it in the washing machine on cold wash.  Hang dry DO NOT put in the dryer. 

How Do I Care for My Meal Containers?

Check out our blog post about container care! Hand washing your containers will increase their lifespan. However, they are dishwasher safe.

Where's My Tracking Number? What If My Tracking Number Does Not Work?

Within 48 hours of placing your order, you should receive an email asking you to confirm your email address...

What Comes With My Purchase?

Inspiration. Motivation. Maximum efficiency for all your nutritional needs. They also come with all the gel packs and containers...

Which Backpack Is Right For Me?

Check out our YouTube video all about the different backpacks we sell and their relative sizes.

Will My Old Sure Seal Containers and Gel Packs Fit in the New Bags?

Sure Seal Containers will fit in the Innovator. The Voyager Back Pack and Executive Briefcase will require new sized Sure Seals and Gel Packs (each bag is pre-loaded with both packs and containers).

I Have a Wholesale Inquiry, Who Do I Talk To?

For information on becoming a wholesale partner, please email:

Can I Use Ice in a 6 Pack Bag?

No. Our Bags are not Coolers. We recommend our line of gel packs, or other self-contained cooling packs that slide into the core of the bags.